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A non-invasive prenatal test that meets the high PTC standards is now available.

Method 1: Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test from the Mother's Blood

You can now obtain a safe and reliable DNA paternity test during pregnancy without an amniocentesis or CVS. DNA contained in a pregnant mother’s blood can be isolated and used to determine the paternity of the child.

As early as 5 weeks into pregnancy, a reliable and accurate paternity test using the mother's blood can be performed. Free floating fetal DNA in the mother's blood can be used to test for the parentage of the child. The DNA paternity test we offer will either provide a greater than 99.9% probability of paternity or an exclusion with a minimum of six non-matching DNA locations between an alleged father and the baby.

A safe blood draw from the mother’s arm can determine the father of a baby by matching the baby's DNA with the father's DNA.

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Method 2: Amniocentesis or Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS)

Prenatal paternity testing is most often performed by using amniotic cells for the child's specimen. The mother's doctor can perform amniocentesis, to extract amniotic fluid. The fluid is then sent to PTC Laboratories for testing.

There is often significant cost to perform the amniocentesis. More importantly, the amniocentesis presents medical risks to the mother and the child. You should discuss those risks with your doctor. Because of those risks, most doctors prefer not to perform an amniocentesis unless there are medical reasons requiring the procedure. If the mother is going to have amniocentesis for medical reasons, then the paternity DNA testing can be performed from the same sample.

Another method that can be used is Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS). This method of testing has increased risk (including birth defects). If CVS is going to be performed for medical reasons then it can also be used for paternity testing. Click here for pricing.

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