Relationship DNA testing with PTC Laboratories.

Relationship testing consists of many types of situations including paternity, maternity, prenatal, grandparent, family, adoption, immigration, twin and assisted reproduction testing.

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When choosing a paternity testing laboratory, you should be aware that not all DNA testing is the same. There are significant differences between laboratories including the type of DNA testing performed, the controls and safeguards employed in the testing process, and the level of discrimination to which testing is carried out.

PTC Laboratories goes to great lengths in testing in order to provide assurance that our test results have the highest degree of reliability. You can count on us for your reliable, confidential testing needs. Find out more about us and the services we provide.

PTC is a DNA testing laboratory accredited by ANAB (ISO 17025). We specialize in forensic paternity tests to determine the biological parent of a child.

DNA paternity testing has been available since the mid 1990s. A DNA paternity test is very quick and relatively inexpensive compared with the paternity tests that were previously available.

There are significant differences in the reliability of paternity tests. Some of the factors contributing to differences between DNA paternity testing laboratories and DNA paternity tests are described in this web site. From our inception, our laboratory has provided the most reliable DNA paternity test available so that you can have the highest level of confidence that you are receiving the correct answer to the important question of paternity. When searching for a doctor, you do not try to find the least expensive doctor and trust them with you or your child's health care needs even though they may not have experience and may not be reliable. This is one of the most important events in your life. Rely on an experienced and dependable DNA paternity testing laboratory to give you the correct answer to this life altering question.

Many extra steps, precautions and available DNA markers give our paternity test added reliability (see the informational topics for Reliability and Guarantee). We are the only DNA paternity testing laboratory in the United States that guarantees a minimum probability of paternity of 99.99% on every paternity test when we have a DNA specimen from the alleged parent.

In addition, PTC Laboratories strives to provide the best possible customer service. Part of that commitment is reflected in our fast turn-around time. For a standard paternity test we normally mail out your paternity test results within three working days following the date we receive your specimens. A faster paternity test is also available for a fee.

Our commitment is to give you DNA test results you can trust, combined with the best possible pricing and service. You deserve the most reliable DNA paternity test.