Information on legal support.

PTC Laboratories has an attorney on staff to assist you with questions related to court. We provide many additional services without charge for attorneys, and for others going to court. We can not act as your attorney, but we can provide information. PTC Laboratories adds value to your DNA testing service anytime court may be in your future.

We provide a wide array of legal paternity testing. Most DNA paternity test laboratories do not have an attorney on staff and are unable to provide legal support services. Many DNA paternity testing laboratories also have multiple hidden charges, and may charge additional fees for matters as routine as providing a duplicate copy of a DNA laboratory report or a business records affidavit. PTC Laboratories considers such basic support services, including legal services, to be part of the package the customer purchases when ordering a reliable DNA test

Business Records Affidavit

With every DNA paternity test report we send to an attorney, PTC Laboratories includes a Business Records Affidavit. This is a notarized document signed by a custodian of PTC Laboratories records, certifying the authenticity of the attached DNA paternity report. In many jurisdictions this affidavit will suffice to have the laboratory report admitted into evidence, provided that no party is objecting to admission. If your State requires a different form of affidavit for DNA paternity testing we either have the necessary form or will prepare one, free of charge.

Chain of Custody and Business Records Affidavit

If the paternity test result is going to be contested, or if your state requires chain of custody information in any event, then upon your request PTC Laboratories will prepare and send a Chain of Custody and Business Records Affidavit. This is a notarized statement that goes beyond the business records authentication and includes the specific chain of custody information for your case. The original Specimen Collection Form(s) (chain of custody documents) used at the time the DNA specimens were collected are attached to the affidavit. These forms contain the name and signature of the collector, the location of collection, the signatures of the parties verifying the collections, as well as the parties’ thumbprints and a photograph of the parties whose specimens were collected. The thoroughness of this chain of custody and affidavit typically provides all parties with comfort that the names reflected on the laboratory report are truly the individuals whose specimens were collected and tested.

Again, if your state requires a different form for DNA paternity tests, we either have that form available, or will prepare one for you at no additional charge.

Many states have passed legislation following a Federal mandate that causes the Chain of Custody and Business Records Affidavit to suffice for the admissibility of a DNA paternity test, without foundation testimony, unless the opposing party files objections to specific aspects of testing within a prescribed number of days after being served with the affidavit. The purpose of this legislation is to eliminate frivolous court contests over very technical details of DNA testing that are already regulated and supervised nationally by the American Association of Blood Banks.

Explanations for Judges, Hearing Officers, and Administrative Staff

Sometimes issues arise in court or Social Security hearings and other contexts that require an explanation of the DNA paternity testing process, or the DNA test results themselves, in order to advance a client’s case. For example, judges may need to understand why it is reasonable and important to allow an additional DNA paternity test, or to DNA test additional parties, or a Social Security officer may need to understand the significance of a DNA paternity test laboratory report. PTC Laboratories’ staff attorney is able to provide understandable and persuasive letters in those situations, without charge.

Additional Legal Support

Additional legal support is also available. Our staff attorney is available to answer questions regarding legal issues. He will discuss with attorneys the significance and probative value of the findings of the legal paternity test, DNA paternity laboratory report as well as the admissibility of DNA evidence. He can also offer suggested prove-up questions to support the admission of DNA evidence, if needed. PTC Laboratories staff have also worked with Prosecuting Attorneys’ offices and attorney organizations and presented seminars regarding DNA evidence.

Expert Witnesses

For a fee, PTC Laboratories provides expert witnesses for court testimony when needed. Our experts are also available for telephone depositions or testimony, if desired. There is no charge for the availability of experts by telephone, if PTC Laboratories has performed the DNA paternity testing in question.

Forensic Testing

PTC Laboratories also performs forensic DNA testing and provides support for that service.

Your Silent Partner

For attorneys, PTC Laboratories represents a full-service professional company, providing the most reliable DNA paternity testing available, and the best partner for your paternity and DNA testing needs.