The Mission of PTC Laboratories is to provide the most reliable DNA genetic testing available, at a reasonable price, with an exceptional level of service to the client. PTC Labs strives to lead the industry to higher levels of reliability in DNA testing through discussion, example, and competitive pressure. PTC also takes the time to do whatever can be done to protect consumers from sharp practices and fraud in the industry.

PTC Laboratories is committed to providing clients with an understanding of the nature and significance of the genetic testing they receive.

It is also an important part of PTC’s mission to provide these services in a workplace environment that is humane, warm and supportive of employees. PTC aspires to provide jobs that people enjoy coming to, and that allow people to have a life outside of work.

PTC Laboratories is committed to developing and providing DNA genetic testing services for orphan diseases. Because of the small number of people affected by orphan diseases, such DNA testing is often not cost effective for the provider. But people with a family history of hereditary DNA genetic disease need DNA testing services, and our area of expertise places us in a position to help.


We envision a world in which reliable, affordable DNA genetic testing is available to all who need it.

We envision a society in which the workplace is a positive expression of an individual’s contribution to society, in which the individual feels both responsible and proud, no matter what job the individual performs.


These core values constitute the fundamental principles that drive PTC Laboratories.


PTC Laboratories will not release a DNA test until we are comfortable that the results are reliable. This commitment has led us to guarantee a minimum level of DNA testing for paternity that is much higher than any other accredited U.S. DNA paternity testing laboratory.

PTC Laboratories takes great pride in the quality of DNA testing and the level of service that we provide to clients.

We believe that honesty and integrity are essential to our business.

We believe in doing business with a conscience and a heart.

We believe that doing things right, and doing the right thing, are more important than corporate profits. While a business understandably can not operate by losing money, there are other important issues to take into account. We believe that in making corporate decisions profit is only one of the considerations, and not the most important consideration. This can be seen, for example, in the additional amount of DNA testing we perform, the voluntary additional procedures we implement to avoid human error in DNA testing and assure reliability, and the employee benefits we provide.

We believe that clients should be able to obtain the necessary information to make informed choices about the type of DNA testing to receive, the amount of DNA testing to receive, and to make choices between various providers of  testing. We value the opportunity and the responsibility to answer clients’ questions about DNA testing, both before and after the DNA test is performed. We will provide the opportunity for clients to speak to human beings and not just recording devices, and to get answers to their questions about any of our tests that they are considering taking, and about the results they receive.


PTC Laboratories strives to maintain a work environment that is productive, professional, nurturing, supportive and fun.

PTC Laboratories is committed to having a work environment that supports each employee, and that is based on fairness, consideration, respect and a policy of listening to each person’s concerns and addressing them.

We expect employees to act responsibly, to take pride in their work, and to take an active interest in the welfare of the company.

We encourage employees to voice their concerns, and to make suggestions that would improve their own jobs or job satisfaction, as well as suggestions that would improve overall efficiency, communication or other aspects of life at PTC Laboratories.

Employees are expected to have a life outside of work, and are encouraged to use all of their vacation. PTC Laboratories provides generous vacation benefits.

PTC Laboratories is committed to providing full-time employment for employees, with a full package of benefits to support the employee and the employee’s family. We want employment at PTC Laboratories to provide employees with a strong base for a fulfilled life.