Prices and services are subject to change without notice. Please contact PTC Laboratories for most accurate information. Note: For all legal and nonlegal testing orders, a $100 nonrefundable fee applies. This fee is included in the final price. For prenatal testing, the fee is $300 for non invasive and $200 for amniocentesis. This fee is also included in the final price.

Parentage TestingPricing
Price matching policy
Paternity/Maternity Legal Testing (Trio or single parent)$425.00*
Home Test (Not for legal use)$250.00*
Additional Child or Alleged Father$150.00* each
One Day ResultAdditional $100.00
Same Day ResultsCall for pricing
Prenatal Paternity Testing (using Amniocentesis or CVS)$595.00*

Relationship TestingPricing
Grandparent Testing (including Mother)$595.00*
Grandparent Testing (without Mother)$695.00*
Family Reconstructions (including sibship, up to 5 individuals)$800.00*
Twin Zygosity Testing$400.00*

Forensic TestingPricing
Criminal Relationship Testing$495.00
Y-Chromosome Testing (per reference sample/evidentiary sample)$250.00 / $800.00*
DNA Typing of non-semen forensic samples (per reference sample/evidentiary sample)$350.00 / $600.00
DNA Typing of semen forensic samples (differential extraction) (per reference sample/evidentiary sample)$350.00 / $800.00
DNA typing of urine samples$600.00
Expert witness testimonyCall for pricing
Blood Detections$300.00
Semen Detections$300.00

* Fees are subject to change without notice. The listed fees are solely for charges payable to PTC Laboratories. In addition, the client pays a specimen collector or laboratory to take the DNA specimen from each tested individual. The cost varies by locality and by arrangement (for example, clients can go to a specimen collection site, or in many cases a specimen collector can come to your home or your lawyer’s office). Specimen collection fees are usually between $25 and $45 per person. PTC Laboratories makes arrangements for the specimen collection.