Parentage Testing
Paternity/Maternity Legal Testing (Trio or single parent)
Home Test (Not for legal use)
        Additional Child or Alleged Father
$125.00* each
        One Day Result
Additional $100.00
        Same Day Results
Additional $505.00
Prenatal Paternity Testing (using Amniocentesis or CVS)
Prenatal Paternity Testing (non-invasive)
        Expedited Results
Relationship Testing  
Grandparent Testing (including Mother)
Grandparent Testing (without Mother)
Family Reconstructions (including sibship, up to 5 individuals)
Twin Zygosity Testing

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* Fees are subject to change without notice. The listed fees are solely for charges payable to Paternity Testing Corporation. In addition, the client pays a specimen collector or laboratory to take the DNA specimen from each tested individual. The cost varies by locality and by arrangement (for example, clients can go to a specimen collection site, or in many cases a specimen collector can come to your home or your lawyer’s office). Specimen collection fees are usually between $15 and $45 per person. Paternity Testing Corporation makes arrangements for the specimen collection.