Parentage Testing
Paternity/Maternity Legal Testing (Trio or single parent)
Home Test (Not for legal use)
        Additional Child or Alleged Father
$125.00* each
        One Day Result
Additional $100.00
        Same Day Results
Additional $505.00
Prenatal Paternity Testing (using Amniocentesis or CVS)
Prenatal Paternity Testing (non-invasive)
        Expedited Results
Relationship Testing  
Grandparent Testing (including Mother)
Grandparent Testing (without Mother)
Family Reconstructions (including sibship, up to 5 individuals)
Twin Zygosity Testing
Forensic Testing
Criminal Relationship Testing
Y-Chromosome Testing (per sample)
RFLP DNA Typing (per sample)
DNA Typing of single source forensic samples
DNA Typing of mixed source forensic samples (differential extraction)
DNA typing of urine samples
Expert witness testimony
$150.00-$165.00 per hour
Blood Detections
Semen Detections

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* Fees are subject to change without notice. The listed fees are solely for charges payable to Paternity Testing Corporation. In addition, the client pays a specimen collector or laboratory to take the DNA specimen from each tested individual. The cost varies by locality and by arrangement (for example, clients can go to a specimen collection site, or in many cases a specimen collector can come to your home or your lawyer’s office). Specimen collection fees are usually between $15 and $45 per person. Paternity Testing Corporation makes arrangements for the specimen collection.